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Welcome to Alcove Integrative Medicine, a unique healthcare clinic where personalized functional medicine and aesthetic services come together to create a holistic approach to wellness. We are committed to providing compassionate, individualized care that addresses the root causes of your health concerns. Experience the difference of our patient-centered approach and embark on a journey towards optimal well-being in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Jennifer S Lee, MD

Physician & Owner
Dr. Lee is a plastic surgeon as well as an experienced functional medicine provider. She treats patients with acute and chronic illnesses such as IBS, SIBO, insomnia, anxiety, hormone imbalances, and headache. Her treatment strategy integrates lifestyle counseling, nutraceutical support, IV therapy, and prescription medications when necessary. She also stresses the importance of combining these treatments with balancing the energy system. She believes that the only way to access truly meaningful and sustained healing is to stop the erosion of the spirit caused by human suffering.

For her cosmetic patients, Dr. Lee optimizes skin health through a full range of aesthetic services that include injections, skincare, and minor surgery. In line with treating the whole person, she teaches her patients that external beauty ultimately reflects internal health, and that overall beauty mirrors the health of the spirit. She therefore has a growing number of patients for whom she will optimally combine aesthetics, functional medicine, and spiritual healing.

Dr. Lee completed her residency in plastic surgery at Brown University School of Medicine. She is trained in both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, with extensive experience in wound care. Dr. Lee received her MD from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and a BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a major in Architecture (Art and Design) and a minor in Women’s Studies.

Outside of the office, Dr. Lee loves spending time with her family, immersing in nature, playing music, and doing yard work. She has committed to a daily mindfulness practice that has literally transformed her life.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Alcove Integrative Medicine for a truly personalized healthcare experience, where your needs and goals are at the forefront of our practice, and our dedicated team works tirelessly to help you achieve optimal wellness.
Our highly experienced team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional care.
Personalized Approach
We tailor our treatments to address your unique health concerns and goals.

Comprehensive Care
Combining functional medicine and aesthetics,
 we provide a one-stop shop for your wellness needs.
Supportive Environment
We prioritize provider well-being to ensure top-quality care for our patients.

Trusted Relationships
Our long-term clients value the trust and loyalty we've built together.

Accessible Care
Our convenient online scheduling tool makes booking appointments easy and stress-free.
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