Functional Medicine

The functional medicine approach focuses on identifying and treating the underlying causes of poor health and disease. Sorting out the causes and effects is a significant challenge, and that requires both a holistic and reductionist means of investigation, ideally both. Functional medicine strives to be science-based, as in conventional or mainstream medicine, which means there are studies and data behind our recommendations.

An understanding of the scientific method is necessary to effectively practice functional medicine, requiring detailed study of biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, genetics, toxicology, microbiology, and all the other basic science information learned in medical school and other advanced practitioner training programs. 

Functional medicine is personalized medicine at its best. The patient is central and the driving focus of care. As functional medicine practitioners, we weigh your environmental influences, genetics, and toxin exposures along with test results to assess what triggers disease but also what supports good health. As we search for the underlying causes of your symptoms, we look at what clues your symptoms and other information about you give us about how you personally manifest disease.

This requires time and diligence from both our side and yours. There is a partnership and trust that is essential for the communication necessary to sort through all the data and history. From there, we present you with a treatment plan that, with our support, you then implement. 

If you have seen multiple providers and have not found any answers, you plateau with new protocols, or even get worse with everything you have tried, we can help you discover your unique key to sustained wellness. 

Alcove’s functional medicine services include:

  • In-depth consultations to discover your primary and overall health concerns and challenges.
  • Detailed diagnostic panels with comprehensive lab reviews.
  • Review of your current medications and supplements, along with our up to date prescriptions.
  • Nutrition analysis through history and testing, followed by specific food and nutrient recommendations.
  • Identifying environmental exposures and toxins contributing to your health issues.
  • Personalized lifestyle change suggestions to ameliorate symptoms and support healing.
  • Discussion of top stressors and instruction for relaxation techniques.
  • Continued research and learning on our part to find the most effective and recently investigated treatments to offer to you.

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